About Me

Hi, my name is Ben Yarmis. I went to school for Mechanical Engineering and I'm currently a software engineer at Indeed. As evidenced by my work history, I like to dabble in hardware, software, and everything in-between. I like mechanical keyboards (building / modifying), scale models, painting keycaps (for later posts), soldering, 3D printing, breaking things, occasionally fixing them, and making new things.

This blog may be:

  • A place for me to link people to when they get tired of my rambling
  • A notepad where I talk about dead-ends in projects that I don't end up using
  • A notepad where I talk about things that do end up being worked into projects that themselves dead-end
  • A notepad where I talk about things that I use in projects that aren't a dead-end
  • A public therapist
  • Anything and everything else

I'm still not convinced that I'll update this remotely frequently, but I'll certainly try. I like to program in Python (currently stuck in Python 2.7 at work) and work in Vim.